Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions is dedicated to the service of community banks and their goal to maximize shareholder value while remaining independent. We provide analytical support to identify the risk and return variables critical to determining value. The modeling structure demystifies the valuation process and provides the basis for effectively communicating the process and conclusions to all interested parties.

Informed Decisions delivers independent, objective financial analysis and valuation services with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We bring together the necessary components to accurately complete the analysis, effectively communicate the results, and successfully complete the project to support our clients in their decisions. Informed Decisions goes beyond corporate finance to effectively assess valuation issues specific to community bank management and shareholders.

As a de novo operation, services are currently being delivered by Richard Place, Informed Decisions' principal. His experience began with personal ties to a family business and his hometown bank. His education provided technical training in accounting, finance, and economics on which his career in valuations, acquisitions, and consulting continued to build. Rich has extensive experience effectively communicating financial theory, analysis, and values to a variety of audiences for a full range of issues.

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